Wednesday, November 5, 2008

An Introduction

So. A bit about us:

Dan (Fleming) and I are aspiring writers. Long story short, we discussed creating our own anthology comic - along with a number of friends of ours - for quite a few years (roughly from 2001-2005). But nothing ever got done. We talked a lot about format, content, what we hoped to achieve with it, but it all just came to naught. And I freely admit that part of that was my unwillingness to get involved with the actual production of the book. I figured all that was needed of me was to provide some content and that was that. (And I would like to note that Joe Quesada - then a relatively new editor-in-chief for Marvel comics - was gracious enough to answer a bunch of my questions from nothing more than an anonymous (in the who the hell is this Chris Beckett guy? vein) email I sent to him cold back in early '01.)

And so, our plans floundered.

Fast forward to 2005: Dan and I finally decide to stop "talking" about doing this and actually set out to accomplish this goal of ours. We started meeting on a fairly regular basis at the local Borders - with one other who was unable to continue with the project for a variety of reasons - mapped out what we wanted to do with this first issue, and got down to finding artists (because neither of us has the requisite talent or, more impotantly, patience to try and draw our own books - though this may one day become a reality as well), creating other content for the book, soliciting ads from comic shops, learning about design and formatting (mostly Dan's purview), and finding a printer to print the books. We also booked a table in Artist's Alley at Wizard World Chicago for that August.

And we managed to get the book done and printed (though a bit lighter than in page count that we had anticipated) for the show. We called it Warrior27, and in subsequent posts you will hear about our time exhibiting at WizWorld '05.

Since then, Dan and I have created two more issues of W27 as well as working on other writing projects - most visibly our columns for the Pulse. It's been a good three, almost four, years, and we plan on continuing to forge ahead in our aspirations toward publication.

In upcoming posts, we will be offering up previews of the three issues of Warrior27 that have thus far been published, as well as talking about writing, comics, movies, and whatever else might interest us at the time. I apologize for what seems to me to be the brevity of this post, but it could really go on for far too long, and the topics that I have not gone into depth about will be better served in their own posts. So, sit back, relax, and hopefully you'll find something of interest here in the coming weeks, months, and years.

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