Saturday, January 17, 2009

PULSE FYC: 11th Hour with Peter Rogers

With the new year comes the official return of "For Your Consideration" at the Pulse. Due to the technological hiccups that occurred in the wait for the site overhaul at the Pulse, most of these first couple months' worth of columns will be ones that I finished up and sent off around 10 months ago. Timeliness had not been a major factor with the column as I have, from the start, tried to focus on perennial books such as original graphic novels, trade paperbacks, or mini comics and web comics that are kept in print by their creators. But the delay in the column - especially as it came in the middle of a series I was doing on anthologies - is a disappointment. But there was really nothing to be done about that, and I applaud Jen Contino for - almost single-handedly - keeping the Pulse going during these many months. It is a mountain of a job.

Be that as it may. The first new regular column, which should be running bi-weekly now, went live last Friday. Spotlighting 11th Hour, an anthology Peter Rogers initially self-published and has subsequently had picked up by Markosia Enterprises, it also includes an in-depth interview with Rogers. The stories in the issues I read were mostly written by him, with art from a variety of creators including Azim Akberali who garnered two Eagle Award nominations for his work inside and was also a collaborator of mine on a short story found in the second issue of our anthology, Warrior27.

You can check the article out here and feel free to let me know what you think. Comments and critiques are always welcome.


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