Friday, February 27, 2009

Latest serialization installment goes live

This one has been up for a couple of weeks now, and I must admit to being a bit lax in updating here.  Part 10 of my speculative fiction serialization "In Search Of" has went live over at the burst culture blog 50YFN.  

If you've never checked this site out and you're a  fan of science fiction that is focused on character and thoughtful writing, go on over.  Monk Eastman, who started the whole thing, has really got a great place.  Recently, there've been fewer updates from writers, but hopefully if we can get the word out, more people will add their voice to this corner of the web. 

The thought behind the site is that people don't have a great deal of time to give over to some of the more relaxing hobbies they might like, and so all of the pieces going up at 50YFN (short for 50 Years From Now) are 1000 words or less to give readers a good chunk of story that can be digested in a short amount of time.  Of course, I've stretched that with my continuing story "In Search Of" and it's been one of the most enjoyable experiences of my short writing career (sideline?).  All the stories take place in an America fifty years from now and many of the offerings are greatly entertaining.  I would recommend you check it out.

But I've rambled enough and need to get to work shortly.  My latest piece can be found here.  And if you liked that, check out the links to the first nine parts in the sidebar.  and let me know what you think.   Feedback is always appreciated.


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