Friday, May 29, 2009


Thanks to Elton Pruitt (he posted that Ape was looking for UFO submissions over on the Panel & Pixel boards), I managed to get a short story accepted for the aforementioned UFO anthology from Ape. Next, I needed to find an artist for the story. Easier said than done. I had someone local in mind when I started this journey, but the editor felt his style was too independent and not what Ape was looking for. Fair enough. So, I posted in a couple of places, but didn't get any promising results.

Then I tweaked my ad at Digital Webbing, bumped it up the line, and got three very promising artists responding. Once we got past some of the misunderstanding in my initial ad, my first choice, Jason Copland, was on board for the ride. Jason has done some layouts that completely GET IT, and I want to share one of these initial sketches here to show you how good this will be, IMHO.

First the script page:
Page 6

Panel 1: A darkened room on the UFO. A single light illuminates Jake – his naked body half covered with a sheet, his wrists and ankles strapped to a surgical table. He is struggling against his bonds. Nothing else of his surroundings is visible.

CAPTION In an instant, my life came into sharp focus.

Panel 2: Similar to panel 1. A few more lights are on, illuminating the heads of Jake’s captors (3 typical “grey” aliens unless you have a better image) at the edge of the darkness. Jake is still pulling against his bonds

CAPTION All the choices I’d made led to this moment.

Panel 3: The aliens move in closer on Jake. One has raised its hand, brandishing a type of drill, which is on and making a horrific sound.


CAPTION I had become my father.

Panel 4: On Jake (alien hands possibly coming in off panel). He is crying now, face contorted, unable to hold in his terror.


JAKE No. Please!

Panel 5: Jake’s POV. The three aliens are in his face as Jake begs for release.


JAKE (small) Let me go.

ALIEN #1  (or something unintelligible)

JAKE (very small) no.

And the thumbnails from Jason:

Jason really nailed it. Getting across the tension and fear I was hoping for. I can't wait to see the finished art for this one. And if you like this, head on over to Jason's blog and check out some of his finished art for other projects on which he is working. Great stuff.


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