Saturday, May 30, 2009

New pitch

Finding an artist for my UFO story that will be published by Ape - first online then in print - was a bit difficult. And then, on this one day I open my email and have samples from 3 artists that are all great. In the previous post, I showed off one of the layout pages from Jason Copland, the artist I am working with on the Ape project.

But the sample pages from one of the other artists told me he would be a perfect fit for another proposal I had been working on - not seriously, but when the muse alerted me. I approached him, and he was open to working on this with me. So, I put the pitch into overdrive. I'll talk more about that later, but here are a few preliminary sketches from Branko, who will be doing the pitch for a superheroine idea I had as a result of Shadowline's contest earlier this year.


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