Saturday, May 2, 2009


As I stated in the previous post in this series, I had designated 2009 as the year for my "push for prose," which it still is, though I am doing more comic writing than anticipated. Of course, that's fine by me. As long as I'm writing, I'm happy.

But come the end of last year, I was feeling pretty glum - I think mainly due to the season (dead of winter with as little daylight as we get) and the fact that I was fatigued from the holiday season (despite it being slower than any in recent history, I was still working hard at the day job while trying to prepare for Santa's arrival).

Anyway. The thought of having to find artists willing to work on a short story or two for publication in our anthology, which - as is the case for anyone trying to break into the industry with self-publishing - costs us money rather than making us money, was a prospect I did not look forward to. So, I thought 2009 would be a good year to focus on prose, sit and write every day, polish up some older stories, and send those off to see if any publication would bite.

But, the open call at Ape had me intrigued, and I figured "what the hell." I might as well give it a shot. The first two tries were crap, but near the middle of December (less than two weeks from the deadline), I came up with something I thought would work. I worked it up, typed it up, and sent it off to the editor and figured that was it.

And 2008 turned to 2009.

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