Monday, January 25, 2010

Pages 1-4 of Life is Funny, live now @ Apecmx

My entry for the Ape UFO anthology started up a week and a half ago. I wrote it as a complete story (which sounds pretentious, but hear me out), and unlike the previous tale written by Raphael Moran, “Life is Funny” is more of a slow burn leading up to the climax. Raph’s “Angst” had twists and turns with each page and worked better as an online serialization.

Anyway. The first four – of eight – pages are now live on the Ape comix site. If you’ve got the time, go check them out, (from page one) and if you’re so inclined, down past the bios are links for rating the pages and making comments. I would greatly appreciate it if you took a moment to click the stars or the thumbs up/down– if only for the art from Jason and Osmarco, which I think is beautiful. The more positive feedback, the better.

And I promise, with the next couple of pages, the tension gets amped up and it will be worth your while. Or your money back ;)

Page 2 above.


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