Monday, June 14, 2010

Warrior27 available at Discount Comic Book Service

This month at DCBS, Warrior27 is offered for purchase through the site’s First Light program. Issue 2 is available at a 40% discount ($3.00) while Issue 3 and the comic pamphlet from issue 4’s multimedia extravaganza are both available for 35% off ($3.25 and $1.95, respectively).

With the purchase of each issue, we are also offering a free chapbook or mini-comic previously only available at conventions. Issue 2 will include a chapbook with “Life is Funny” (a comic story published as part of Ape Entertainment’s online UFO anthology) and “A Stone Wall Between Us” a short prose story published by Dark Recesses Press. Issue 3 comes with the mini-comic, “Suggested Retail,” from Dan and artist Travis Dandro, which folds out to become a game board (play money and game pieces included). And Issue 4 comes with the short prose story, “Fractured,” which examines a man’s descent into despair and his attempt at final redemption.

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You can check out the books on DCBS’s site here and thanks.


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