Friday, August 20, 2010

Warrior27: the Collection preview

For economic reasons, we published our issues of Warrior27 in black and white. Paying for color (not just the actual coloring of the stories but also for the color reproduction) was too cost-prohibitive, and there is a “badge of honor” related to black and white comics when self-publishing. It’s an aesthetic that appeals to me, and one we tried to exploit with the artists we were fortunate to work with.

But with our plans for the collection, we knew there needed to be something new for the book. Dan and I achieved some of that by culling through our personal archives and including new pieces like the spotlight on Bryan Talbot's the Tale of One Bad Rat. But for the comic stories we were reprinting – along with the new comic stories included – we thought it would be nice if we hired someone to color them.
Most of the comic tales from the first four issues are now colored, and will be available in the new collection. At some point, we will try to get those up here on the site and our sister site. But for now, here’s a sample of what you can expect, with the original b/w page for comparison.


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