Monday, April 11, 2011



Haven't been able to update here as often as I'd like. The end of the month, Dan and I will be in Reading, PA for the Comic Geek Speak Super Show. Tim Truman, Sean Murphy, Tony Moore, and others will be in attendance. And it's such a nice, intimate show that the chance to get face time with these creators is easy.

We will have the collection there - regular $24.95 for 254 pages, Super Show Special: $20 - along with individual issues, discounted as well. And I've been working on a line of chapbooks collecting my comic and prose stories, some of which have been published in W27 with new, unpublished stories. Most of these will be between 28 and 40 pages, 8.5" x 5.5" (1/2 Letter size), with cardstock covers, each for between $1.00 and $2.00 (I haven't finished up the formatting, so I don't know my final cost yet, but I'll share that information when I have it).

Here are a couple of those covers:

I'm using the same basic imagery for each chapbook - with a variety of cover and text colors to differentiate the volumes - as a branding device. This image is also on my business cards and my avatar for those few bulletin boards I frequent. I'll also be offering these here for sale once I've got them finished up.

AND, I have begun guest-blogging at In the Mouth of Dorkness, initially offering up a series on whether we should follow the creator or the character when making comic buying choices. I'm not sure how long this will go, but each installment should go up on Mondays - the first one is here and the newest one should be up sometime today - and after that, I have a number of ideas I'm going to examine for friends Brad & Matt (purveyors of the "Dorkness" blog).

I'm pretty excited about this. It's been fun so far. And I'll be re-running those pieces here, roughly a month after initial publication. Check it out here or there, and let me know what you think on the subject.

Now, back to formatting some chapbooks and finishing up those covers.


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