Wednesday, August 31, 2011

THE LITTLE MOMENTS - Morrison's JLA - part 2

Here are two more images from the JLA: American Dreams collection by Grant Morrison, et al. These moments highlight, even more than the first of yesterday's images, Morrison's ability to infuse his comics with humor.

The first image is a classic Flash scenario - though the details aren't as classic as one might expect. We have two images that are basically the same (Superman doesn't even get a chance to take a step) but in the moments between the seconds, Wally West does some rearranging of the trophies in the League's trophy room of their Watchtower headquarters. And check out the remark from Superman: deadpan, sarcastic, and yet, full of affection - pitch perfect and wryly funny.

And this second image hearkens back to the JLI, for me, as Martian Manhunter (whose schtick under Giffen, DeMatteis, et al. was always to be yearning for Oreos) tells Wonder Woman that her perfect grammar must have stunned the angel behind her, which she just landed on with a hard Amazonian kick. Again, the humor isn't over the top, it isn't calculated, it's just sly, understated, and terribly funny.


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