Friday, August 5, 2011

NEW TO ME: JLA New World Order (part 2)

So, I finally made it through that initial trade of Grant Morrison's run on JLA, and I have to say - it was pretty damn forgettable. The only reason I know the heroes that came down to spur humanity to hate the JLA were SPOILERS martians, is because I read it on the back cover. Other than that, there was little to like here.

Morrison did some nice things - more compression than decompression, I appreciated that - but overall my expectations are way low for the next trade. I know this run is well-regarded, but was it due to the fact that Morrison was writing it or because the Big 7 were back together? I don't know. Porter's art kills it for me. I would much rather have had them just publish the scripts from Morrison and let me fill in the art.

Here's hoping the second volume offers more than this first.


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