Saturday, September 3, 2011

THE LITTLE MOMENTS - Morrison's JLA - part 5

These two images are examples I cited in my pieces about this collection, and are examples of the intelligence Grant Morrison adds to his comic writing. Both of these instances are scenarios in which the heroes have to think their ways out of the predicaments in which they have found themselves.

First - the mother#$&*ing Superman, creating a giant magnet on the moon that is polarized opposite to the magnetic field of the Earth, in order to repel the two astral bodies and save his adopted planet. It's brilliant.

Second - my favorite hero, the Flash, using his knowledge of his speed powers to extricate himself from the transporter, where he was imprisoned at the outset of this two-issue story. It may be comic book physics, but I appreciate heroes that can think rather than those only able to beat villains into submissions. It's far more satisfying.


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