Thursday, September 22, 2011

NPR's 3-minute fiction

NPR's Weekend All Things Considered is holding the 7th round of their 3-minute fiction writing contest. Each round has been judged by a published author, who provides a prompt for writers - both professional and amateur - to create a short (only 600 words) story around that can be read in 3 minutes. Thus, the 600 word limit.

For this round, one character must arrive in town while one character leaves. The deadline is this Saturday, and I think I finally have my piece finished. It was a great challenge to try and create a complete story from that prompt and keep it to 600 words. Not sure how successful I was, but we'll see. If nothing else, it was fun and really had me working to be as concise as possible.

Once the winners have been announced, I will throw my story up here. But for now - fingers crossed.

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