Sunday, November 6, 2011

This is why I love George Pérez

Here's a panel from Pérez's return to the Avengers with Kurt Busiek in 1998.

It is from issue 1 and, if you examine the image, Pérez manages to imbue many of the characters with individual body language. We don't have them all sitting in exactly the same position, faces front, arms to the side, repeated silhouettes over and over - each characters is distinct.

It is this attention to detail, along with the precise, stylized figure work he excels at, that grabbed my attention when I was young and kept me appreciating his art through the intervening years.

As a counterpoint, I give you three panels from three successive issues of Fantastic Four by Steve Epting. One could argue that he is just injecting specific body language to Namor, but does the Atlantean monarch ever unclench his fists?

Fantastic Four #584

Fantastic Four #585

Fantastic Four #586

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