Tuesday, March 26, 2013

CGS Super Show 2013

Less than two weeks and Dan and I will be in Reading, PA for the CGS Super Show on Saturday and Sunday, April 6-7.  This is a great little show - basically, as they aptly describe, a large artists' alley - with great guests like Tim Truman, Lee Weeks, Fred Hembeck, Danielle Corsetto, Dave Wachter, Action Lab comics, and us!

Laid back and professionally run by the guys who create one of my favorite comics podcasts - Comic Geek Speak - you get a real chance to talk with these writers and artists, whether seasoned professionals like Truman and Weeks or newer ones trying to make their own mark like Action Lab, a company that has really made big inroads in their first year-plus of publishing.

Also, Uncle Sal is going to be there this year. If you've ever listened to a CGS episode with him and aren't one who is easily offended, then you know why this is a big deal.  I'm really looking forward to talking with him and picking up his book, Atomika, while down at the show.

And, finally, Wild Pig comics will be there with their 50-cent boxes - over 30,000 back issues from all eras, and they're all fifty cents each.  Hoping to find some good runs to bring home and add to the ever-building stack of comics "to-be-read."

All the information can be seen here, and if you're in the area you should definitely stop in.  $12.00 for a single day or $20.00 for the weekend.  And please, stop by the W27 table and check out what we've got going on (more of which I will be posting in coming days, as we get even closer to the show).


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