Saturday, March 16, 2013

Indie Comics Horror #1

I am fairly horrible at promotion and such, but with recent events I will be trying to get back on the horse with regard to that and to this blog - but I make no promises.

This past Fall, I had a story published in the inaugural issue of Indie Comics Horror from Aazurn Press.  It was an older story of mine, but I was very happy to be involved with this issues, especially since there were a number of other creators involved from Andy Schmidt's Comics Experience online workshop where I have learned a lot about writing, and about my own writing in particular.

The funding process for any Indie Comics title is interesting, in that Gary Scott Beatty splits the cost of printing and placing of ads in Diamond's Previews catalog between himself and the various creators, which allows him to actually get these books into comic shops.  And once Diamond's invoice and payment come through, that money is divided evenly among all those creators who pitched in on the printing costs.  It's an elegant way to get a foothold into the Previews catalog and get stories by aspiring creators into comic readers' hands, and it works very well.  Gary is up-front about the entire process, and I would highly recommend it to anybody seeking an opportunity to get your finished 8-page story.

The story I placed with Gary - and I should add here that it isn't just a matter of being able to pay for the printing costs, but your story has to be accepted as well; if there were no quality controls, it would be pointless to put the books out because, if the stories aren't good, nobody will buy them and you won't get future orders from comic retailers - was "Minister to the Undead" with art by Dan Lauer.  You can check that story out here. But if you'd like to get a hard copy, and also get a bunch of other great horror stories as well, you should seek out the issue, which will never be reprinted or distributed digitally, according to Gary.  Copies are available at Midtown Comics and Lone Star comics for less than cover price ($4.95 for 48 pages).  Check it out, I think you might like it.


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