Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Unfashioned Creatures - a Frankenstein anthology

The next anthology where I will have a story published is the Frankenstein themed Unfashioned Creatures from Red Stylo Media.  There was an open call for submissions based upon the themes of Mary Shelley's novel (not the film adaptations).  This spurred me to finally read Frankenstein, after having it on my to-read list for too many years to count. The book was amazing, and I came away with a lot to work with.

The process for acceptance was rigorous and very worthwhile, having never gone through such a process before.  I had to query first, before I could pitch.  Then I had to send a one-page synopsis of my story idea for consideration, and once that was accepted, with notes from the editor, Enrica Jang, I got to work on scripting. 

My compatriots at the Comics Experience online workshop were invaluable in this regard, reading an initial draft that was not at all ready for an artist, at all.  From the great notes I received there, I got similarly insightful and helpful comments from Jang, who pinpointed trouble spots that I knew were there and offered suggestions that certainly elevated my contribution.  The script has gone through 5 drafts and is now ready to be sent to the artist, who is Gary Fitzgerald, someone I'm friends with on facebook and who has done some great work with Caryn A. Tate on her Red Plains comic, available at Topshelf's online anthology TS2.0, and with whom I've wanted to work for some time.

I'll be sharing those various iterations of my script through some upcoming process posts.  But, for now, I need to prepare for the CGS Super Show on April 6-7, where I'll be debuting a new chapbook and possibly printed editions of my Reading Watchmen analysis from the sister site.  More on that later.


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