Tuesday, July 2, 2013

J.H. Williams III, the Sandman, oh & Neil Gaiman

Many were excited with the announcement of a new Sandman story from writer Neil Gaiman and artist-extraordinaire, JH Williams III.  Just as vocal (if, as I believe, smaller in number) were those decrying this "Before Sandman" story, riffing off the "Before Watchmen" series of series that were receiving much internet flack during the same general timespan.  Come on, it's the internet.  It's what we do in our "virtual" personae - vent and rage at things we've not read/seen/understood/bothered-to-even-glance-at.  Well, some of us (and I have done my small share of that, yes, so I am not vindicated by my scorn of this tactic).

Anyway.  Williams has revealed his cover for the first issue.  It's #$%&ing gorgeous!  Wow!

Despite my feelings regarding DC and Marvel (which is a post I need to get to soon), I will be buying the hell out of this series.


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