Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Redressing an error: TOMBSTONE (in the top 5 Westerns)

I wavered on this one yesterday, when I posted my top 5 westerns.  Ultimately, I originally went with Unforgiven at #5.  But when it was brought up to me on the FB, by my friend (not just virtual, either) Ben Roberts, that maybe I'd gotten this wrong, I considered his argument ("Tombstone is a better film than Unforgiven," if I may paraphrase) and decided he was right.

#5 - Tombstone
Not only is this one hell of an action-packed western.  Not only do we have serious shoot-em-ups and idealized, if flawed, larger-than-life characters and revenge and a femme fatale and scenes that will just sweep you up, toss you around, and then drop you where you lay, but this movie is also full of heart.  Not just a classic western with a contemporary sensibility, Tombstone also says something about family, about friendship, and about the lengths one will (should) go for these bonds that should be the most important things in our lives.

I haven't seen this movie in a long time.  I believe I need to change that soon.


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