Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Alan Moore #00

So, Padraig O Mealoid has conducted an interview - though it's more a Q&A rather than a proper interview, which would have involved the two men sitting down and affording Padraig the opportunity to follow up on some answers and such, but this is not a criticism, merely a clarification - with Alan Moore over at his site, Slovobooks.  As with most recent Moore interviews (recent being in the past few years, possibly the last decade; I can't remember), a hornet's nest of controversy has sprung up on the internet.

Ah, the internet.

Anyway.  I find myself siding with Moore, far more often than not, which leads to confusion, on my part, at the vitriolic reactions to Moore's comments by so many online.  So, I thought I would investigate this over the course of the year, through a series of posts here - posts mainly discussing Moore's "penchant" for using sexual assault and rape in his comics work, though I would like to investigate the issue of the golliwog's inclusion in the Black Dossier as well.

I hope to approach this from a measure and balanced perspective (though I admit to my admiration of Moore's work, which means I am already prejudiced toward him, in this regard), to help me not only better understand the controversy that surrounds Moore now, but also to help me better understand my own perspective to these issues.  Of course, finding the time to this justice will also be an issue.  So, we'll see how it goes.

Anyway.  There are my first, scattered thoughts.  Let's hope for something more substantial and worthwhile with the next installment. Whenever that arrives.