Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Unearthed "Treasures" - the Back Matter returns (or something like that)

Dug around through some old files and rediscovered my earliest bits of writing about comics.  I was a part of Warren Ellis' ENGINE forum at the time - where there was a critical mass of important contemporary creators for the mainstream publishers such as Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction, Brian Wood, Becky Cloonan, Kieron Gillen, and, of course, Warren Ellis (whose profile is a bit diminished due to his current prose work) - and there was a fellow on there who wanted to start his own website focused on independent comic books.  It was called Independent Propaganda.

The site was to have news and interviews on indy book and with indy creators, and he wished to eventually branch into publishing and distribution as well.  [the former aspect of the site lasted some few months, maybe six to ten, and the latter initiative crashed and burned in a hail of ire from some creators, so we'll leave everything anonymous and let you peer into the way-back machine, if you must).

Anyway.  I offered my services as a regular columnist.  I called it "Back Matter" as a nod to Warren Ellis's work with FELL, and the short essays regarding the series I was receiving through his mailing list.  Each column led with a review of a current indy book - web, self-published, or small press - and an older book from the vault.  The connecting thread was merely the reality that I enjoyed these books and wanted to share with anyone reading.  I managed to get nine columns in before the site changed things up.  At which point, I offered interviews with creators and other comics people (another seven or eight of these went up on the site).  And then, the creator of the site moved on - attempting to bump up the publishing/distribution side of things, only to fade into the mists of the interwebs.

So, over the next couple of weeks, starting tomorrow, I'll be sharing these initial forays into writing about comics - for good or ill.  I hope you enjoy.


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