Sunday, December 14, 2014

What It Is – week ending 14 December [2014]

With apologies to Dave the Thune (as well as Mike Baron & Steve Rude).

Every day.  1000 words.  That’s the goal.

It’s the holiday season and we are in full Christmas mode at home (purely secular, celebrating the magic of Santa and the beauty that comes from a house decorated with greening and a Christmas tree and other typical decorations), which means the writing has tapered off a bit.  But I did hit my goal of 300,000 words for the year earlier this week.  Feeling very good about that.  And with the four accepted stories, this has easily been my best year yet.  Next year, I need to do a lot of revising – I’ve got a good number of short stories I’d like to polish up and start sending off – as well as finish up the latest novel and then, at the end of 2015, begin revising that.  Always moving forward.


I finished up my re-read of the Bendis/Maleev Daredevil run.  One of the major works of the early 2000s from Marvel Comics, along with New X-Men by Grant Morrison, et al. and Amazing Spider-Man by JMS & JRJr, it was enjoyable but did not stand up as well as those other two series (and I should note I’ve note read the Ennis/Dillon Punisher series from this same time).  I applaud Bendis and Maleev for daring to write a story revolving around the outing of Daredevil’s civilian identity of Matt Murdock – a plot point from the amazing “Born Again” storyline that lay dormant for nearly fifteen years – but there are some things that hampered my enjoyment of this reading.  Not that I would not recommend this as an important, or a well done, run.  But there are some cracks in the façade that become evident upon a subsequent reading.  I go into more detail with my review here.  Check it out, and let me know if I’m wrong. 


The Americans from FX.  I’ve watched the first two episodes now, and this is a great show. 

A couple lives just outside Washington, D.C. in 1981 – in their clean suburban home, with their son and daughter, working at the travel agency.  But at night they are retrieving a defected Russian agent or trying to get a listening device into the private study of Caspar Weinberger, the Secretary of Defense of the United States.  They are Russian spies, but they look just like us.  And then, a CIA agent in counterintelligence moves into the home across the street, with his family.  Is this just a coincidence, or is the CIA onto the “Americans?” 

There’s drama and action and intrigue and suspense and violence, and it’s all smartly written and it’s fun as hell (if you find hell to be fun, y’know), and it stars Felicity (Keri Russell), and she’s grown up and she’s a bad-ass.  Really looking forward to see where this show goes. 

The Mad Max: Fury Road trailer dropped this week.  And unlike the Star Wars, this one has me super-excited.  I’ve watched it a dozen times so far, and it doesn’t get old.  George Miller, 69 years old, comin’ at you with the explode-o!  This movie is one I’m excited about. 


Not much else to share.  Along with Christmas coming, high school basketball season has begun and my son is playing JV and Varsity.  And I have to say, that first time you see your boy come running onto the court in his warm-ups with the rest of the varsity team – it’s pretty damn special.  The team’s 0-2 so far, but they have potential.  Here’s hoping they realize it sooner rather than later. 

As always, check out my friends – Brad& Matt and Don McMillan for their own weekly recaps on things comic-y and geeky, and we'll see what's what in seven.  


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