Friday, June 19, 2015

Positive Review! (it feels good)

The first prose story I had accepted for a print publication was "You Gotta Give Good..." in the steampunk anthology, New Orleans by Gaslight.  I'm proud of that story.  Anyway.  I popped over to Amazon to get a few copies of the book to have when Dan and I head to Baltimore in September for the Baltimore Comic-con, and I got lured into reading the reviews, most of which are a couple years old, when the book was published.  I was kind of glad I did (emphasis mine):

This anthology has been a welcome escape from dry academic reading for grad school. All of the stories are well-written, action and adventure with rich, relatable characters, in a world I would love to become lost in. Often, even in these works of fantasy, the themes are both tragic and highly relevant, such as in Crescent City, allegorical of the gross mishandling of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath; and Super Dome, which deals with the horrors of war. My favorite story in the book is You Gotta Give Good. Buy it. You'll see why.

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