Saturday, September 12, 2015

First byline, an interview with Scott Morse

Those who know me, know that Scott Morse is one of my favorite creators -- both his art and his writing are lyrical and emotionally engaging; there isn't a book of his I haven't enjoyed, and many of them are classics, to my mind.  

So, when we read his book, "The Barefoot Serpent," for the graphic novel book club I used to be a part of (in the local Borders bookstores....that tells you how far back this goes), I took the opportunity to email Morse, cold, and ask him a few questions.  And he was gracious enough to answer.  The short Q&A added to our discussion that night, and Morse also asked if he could include it on the first version of his website, which is still lurking on the interwebs, if you know where to look.  

It was  a great thrill to see my name up there on Morse's site.  It was the first "byline" I had.  And it is one of the major landmarks, for me, in my writing journey.  If you hit the link, I hope you enjoy what you find there.  It's short, but informative.  And if you haven't yet read Morse's Barefoot Serpent, what the heck's wrong with you?  Go out and find it and read it.  It's great!


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