Thursday, October 1, 2015

Warrior27 Store, now open for business

I've been lucky, especially recently, to have my short stories (prose and comics) published in a number of anthologies, including Needle: A Magazine of Noir and Broken Worlds.  
Along with those, Dan and I have published a collection of our own comics/prose anthology, WARRIOR27, with a number of stories and interviews not available in the original issues (also still available, in limited quantities).  

And I have also pulled out my short prose and comic stories from the various anthologies where I've been published to create my own series of chapbooks (one comic and one prose story written by me, in each one, with the exception of volumes 2 & 3, which comprises my 20,000 word novella "In Search Of..."), titled Mainelining, while also putting my thoughts and analysis on Watchmen into similar editions (3 volumes 87,000 words).  

Now all of these are available through our Warrior27 store.  You can hit the link at the top of the page, almost dead-center right below our header, or click this link.  



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