Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Born in 1972, I was five when Star Wars [no, not “A New Hope”] hit theaters, where I saw it like most everyone else on the planet, at that time.  Stating I was blown away is a bit of an understatement.  From the “Holiday Special” to the action figures to the trading cards and the storybook adaptations, I was all in.  That trilogy – the only Star Wars trilogy, to my mind – was the be-all and end-all for many, many years.   

It’s now December, 2015, and we are barely weeks away from the new Star Wars film, “The Force Awakens.”  All signs point to this will be good, and with all the excitement surrounding this new chapter, my mind has trailed back to some of my fondest Star Wars memories.  Here’s one . . .

As a kid, when September rolled around, anticipation for the Sears Wish Book (as well as those from JCPenney & other large department stores) was a big thing.  These giant catalogs were full of products to order, and there was a great section of toys toward the end of the book.  For those prime years of my childhood, the main draw in that toy section were the Star Wars toys.  So many cool ships and figures and accessories that I coveted, as a kid, circling all these things I wanted with red pen. 

Ah, memories. 


Don McMillan said...

Dang…those Wish Books…

Talk about a way to torture children back in those days. I would keep a sharp eye on the mailbox until the Wish Book arrived. Those things were practically attached to me from the day they arrived until the day Christmas finally arrived. "3.5 months until Christmas?!?! A 13" tall Boba Fett?!?! I can't wait until then!!!"

Those pics really take me back. Thanks for posting.


Chris Beckett said...

Ha! I remember, Don. The Wish Book was the only piece of mail for which I knew a general arrival date, and I would do the same thing--watching the mailbox for that huge tome.

Thanks for reading, my friend.