Friday, December 16, 2016

2016 Advent Calendar --- day 16

Another Friday, with another fistful of comic book covers for this Advent Calendar.

An all-time favorite comic series, from my childhood of the 80s, with an iconic Luke McDonnell image of Deadshot, who became a huge hit thanks to Suicide Squad.  

One of the comic series that announced to the world that "comics weren't just for kids, anymore."  The simplicity of this cover is what makes it so amazing. Art by Miller, color by Varley.

Walt Simonson on Thor.  'nuff said.

Don Lomax's Vietnam Journal is a touchstone comic book series, for me.  I've written about it recently.  Search on Vietnam Journal, then seek out the collected editions for these. Amazing.

Not just an iconic image, but an iconic cover design (the title goes up the side?!?).  I spent a year analyzing Moore & Gibbons's Watchmen.  If you've read it, you might give that a try.  If not, this needs to be the next thing on your to-read list.  A defining work from two legends.

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