Friday, December 9, 2016

2016 Advent Calendar --- day 9

It's another Fistful Friday, with another selection of favorite and/or iconic comic book covers from my collection.  Enjoy.

The series that got me started collecting comics, and the story that revealed some of the origin of my favorite character, Snake-Eyes.  Love, love, love this comic!

Peter David.  Todd McFarlane. Hulk.  Wolverine.  One of my top 5 superhero comics.  

The greatest long-form comic series of all time?  Possibly.  Los Bros Hernandez have created a fully-realized world in L&R, with characters who grow old and evolve. Brilliant!

For a long time, my favorite long-form comic series.  The story of the Dream Lord, from Neil Gaiman and his talented cohort of artists, is amazing.  And the covers, by Dave McKean, are just flat-out gorgeous and elevate the entire thing to a whole new level.  

Love the book, and the cover design by Owen, with that "marbled" background.

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