Tuesday, August 30, 2011

THE LITTLE MOMENTS - Morrison's JLA - part 1

I have finally gotten around to reading Grant Morrison's much-lauded JLA run, and though the first collection left me disappointed, the second one - American Dreams - was absolutely fantastic. Morrison provided interesting villains, great action, high drama, and everything required in a superhero comic, and that was great.

But Morrison also provided something more, which - for me, a comic reader for almost thirty years - is important. He offered us, the audience, those "little moments" that elevates a comic (or story) from being just good to being great. In this second collection, there are a lot of really great little moments, and over the course of the next six days, I will be highlighting some of those.

The first two moments are ones that showcase Grant Morrison's ability to laugh at superheroes, while also accentuating that which makes them heroes. And both of the images I am sharing today involve the original superhero - Superman.

First, we have a moment I commented upon in one of the pieces I wrote about this collection. It opens the book and is the part where Superman is standing above Metamorpho's grave discussing with the minister why so few came for this funeral when so many came to his own (when he died at the hands of Doomsday). it's a touching moment, but also a humorous one, and it's a moment that made me realize I was going to enjoy "American Dreams."

The second image is of Superman coming to the Martian Manhunter's aid. It's a scene we have all read many times over before, but the way Morrison set it up and the simple, quiet dialogue just nails this moment. Morrison conveyed true emotion in this scene, and I really appreciated that.


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